Moving On

Hey, where did all my blog posts go?  Don’t worry, I’m just moving on to better things, not closing down shop.  I have been thinking for a while of changing my blog name and site address, for many reasons.

At first, my blog name was just a smart-ass move, trying to make light of a situation that is actually not funny at all.  Stalking is not funny.  It’s creepy, and sad, and more than a little pathetic.  But not funny.

I decided that my old blog title gave too much attention and put too much focus on the wrong person and the wrong things.  So I have changed everything: my blog address, my blog title, images, everything.  I am shifting focus to where it always should have been: me, my journey, my family, the day-to-day struggles and victories that will ultimately lead to me reaching my goal.

Care to join me?  I hope so!

My blog’s new home can be found at Sweat and Sparkle.  See you there!